Hacking Humans 12.22.22
Ep 225 | 12.22.22

How to avoid Instagram scams.

Show Notes

This week, Carole Theriault sits down to interview Dr. Jessica Barker from Cygenta to discuss the latest Instagram scams and how to avoid them. Dave and Joe share some follow-up on Apple, why they are being sued, and how you can protect yourself, as well as a new USPS scam affecting Connecticut. Dave's story follows a message board on smartphones being stolen and what happens after the thieves obtain the stolen phone. Joe's story is on a complex scam where the scammers choose ambitious individuals to turn into the scammers. Our catch of the day comes from listener Jay, who writes in, sharing a LinkedIn post from Dave Harland about him messing with a scammer trying to bamboozle him.

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