Hacking Humans 4.27.23
Ep 241 | 4.27.23

Is the industry ready for AI?

Show Notes

This week, Carole Theriault, CW UK correspondent, sits down with Cisco Talos' Vanja Svacjer discussing if the security industry is ready for AI. Joe and Dave share some follow up regarding a new term, "yahoo boy" after reading it in an article. Joe's follows a story about a scam where five mastermind business men were able to scam ordinary investors out of a billion dollars. Dave's story is on a basic iPhone feature that is helping criminals steal your entire digital life. Our catch of the day comes from William who writes in about an email he received from "Bob William" who shares that he works at a law firm and one of his clients has an insurance policy where his client did not write a will. Bob wants to share the amount of $12,820,000 with charity and then split the rest of the funds.

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