Research Saturday 7.30.22
Ep 243 | 7.30.22

What malicious campaign is lurking under the surface?

Show Notes

Israel Barak, CISO from Cybereason, sits down with Dave to discuss their research, "Operation CuckooBees: Cybereason Uncovers Massive Chinese Intellectual Property Theft Operation." Cybereason researchers recently found an attack lurking beneath the surface which was assessed to be the work of Chinese APT Winnti. Cybereason briefed the FBI and the DOJ on the investigation into the malicious campaign.

The research states, "For years, the campaign had operated undetected, siphoning intellectual property and sensitive data." The team quickly made two reports on the campaign, one sharing an examination on the tactics and techniques. The second gives a detailed analysis of the malware and exploits used.

The research can be found here: