Research Saturday 8.27.22
Ep 247 | 8.27.22

How a wide scale Facebook campaign stole 1 million credentials.

Show Notes

Nick Ascoli from ForeTrace in a partnership with PIXM sits down with Dave to provide insight on their team's work on "Phishing tactics: how a threat actor stole 1 million credentials in 4 months." During routine analysis, researchers discovered the connection between the pages using PIXM’s deep html analysis feature, which enabled them to view and analyze the underlying code on the pages after they were flagged as phishing. This led to the ensuing investigation, which was led by PIXM’s threat research team with assistance from Nick Ascoli.

The research states "we uncovered a campaign whose scale has potentially impacted hundreds of millions of facebook users, and whose complexity offer insight into the evolving nature of phishing operations, especially from a technical perspective."

The research can be found here: