Research Saturday 11.12.22
Ep 258 | 11.12.22

An in-depth look on the Crytox ransomware family.

Show Notes

Deepen Desai from Zscaler sits down with Dave to talk about the Crytox ransomware family. First observed in 2020, Crytox is a ransomware family consisting of several stages of encrypted code that has fallen under the radar compared to other ransomware families. While other groups normally use double extortion attacks where data is both encrypted and held for ransom, Crytox does not perform this way.

The research says "The modus operandi of the group is to encrypt files on connected drives along with network drives, drop the uTox messenger application and then display a ransom note to the victim." It also shares how you may be compromised with this ransomware and goes through each stage in depth.

The research can be found here: