Security Unlocked: CISO Series with Bret Arsenault

Security Unlocked: CISO Series with Bret Arsenault

Microsoft's Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) chats with his industry peers and leaders at Microsoft about the biggest challenges in cybersecurity today, plus practical guidance for security practitioners.

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Ep 6 | 7.30.21

Developing Influential Security Leaders: Roland Cloutier, TikTok

There are plenty of ways for a leader to measure success – productivity, growth of a department, increased team moral, you name it! But in the case of this episode’s guest, he always has one metric in the back of his mind: how many people under his leadership have eventually worked their way up to become CISOs. In this episode, Microsoft CISO Bret Arsenault sits down with TikTok CSO, Roland Cloutier. Together they speak about how Roland’s career in the military granted him the discipline to excel in the world of cybersecurity and the leadership skills to provide opportunities for those around him to find just as much success.

Ep 5 | 7.7.21

Building a Stronger Security Team: Geoff Belknap, LinkedIn

It’s said that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, but under the proper management – management with a keen eye towards investing in its own people – there is no such thing as a weak link, only an opportunity for growth. In this episode, Microsoft CISO Bret Arsenault talks with Geoff Belknap, colleague and fellow CISO at LinkedIn, about what it means to build a team, not of experts, but of intrepid thinkers willing to learn something new and invest in themselves to grow.

Ep 4 | 6.23.21

Leading an Inclusive Workforce: Emma Smith, Vodafone

There’s truth in the sentiment, “teamwork makes the dream work.” When team members don’t feel included or heard in their environment, they’re not going to do their best work, so it’s up to managers, supervisors, and even global security directors to foster a workplace and culture that doesn’t allow anyone to be silenced. On this episode, Microsoft’s CISO, Bret Arsenault, sits with his friend and peer, Emma Smith, Director of Global Cybersecurity for Vodafone. Throughout the conversation, they discuss returning to in-person work after over a year of being remote and some of the inherent difficulties that come with the change, especially as they relate to inclusivity.

Ep 3 | 6.9.21

The Human Side of Hybrid Work with Amy Coleman

Behind all the innovations at Microsoft are teams of incredibly talented people - over 100,000 incredibly talented people to be exact - spread across 100 countries. With such a large workforce, it was no small feat for Microsoft to pivot into remote work when the pandemic began. Following the transition, discussions have examined how these changes impacted the business and affected the bottom line, but at the forefront of many conversations is the focus on the human element. In this episode, host Bret Arsenault is joined by Amy Coleman, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President, Human Resources & Corporate Functions. Amy talks with Bret about her unique perspective of the corporate landscape, how she’s been able to foster success for the hundreds of thousands of employees she oversees, and what she’s learned by being a member of Microsoft’s Covid Response Team.

Ep 2 | 5.26.21

Securing Hybrid Work: Venki Krishnababu, lululemon

Lululemon has been on the forefront of athleisure wear since its founding in 1998, but while many of its customers look at it exclusively as a fashion brand, at a deeper level this fashion empire is bolstered by a well thought-out and maintained digital infrastructure that relies on a hard working team to run it. On today’s episode, Microsoft CISO Bret Arsenault sits down with Venki Krishnababu, SVP of Global Technology Services at Lululemon, to discuss the ways in which technology plays into the brand. Venki explains how he led a seamless transition into the remote work landscape caused by the pandemic, and how he’s using the experiences of the past year to influence future growth in the company.

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Security Unlocked: CISO Series with Bret Arsenault
Bret Arsenault
As Microsoft's Chief Information Security Officer, Bret Arsenault keeps Microsoft's data secure from cyber-threats, while ensuring compliance with evolving regulations. Bret leads crisis management, business continuity and resilience for Microsoft, including its Covid-19 response program. He is Chairman of Microsoft's Information Risk Management Council, advises Fortune 100 leaders and boards and is a founding member of Security 50 and the Executive Security Action Forum (ESAF).
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