Security Unlocked 4.7.21
Ep 22 | 4.7.21

The Language of Cybercrime

Show Notes

How many languages do you speak? The average person only speaks one or two languages, and for most people that’s plenty because even as communities are becoming more global, languages are still very much tied to geographic boundaries. But what happens when you go on the internet where those regions don’t exist the same way they do in real life? Because the internet connects people from every corner of the world, cybercriminals can perpetrate scams in countries thousands of miles away. So how do organizations like Microsoft’s Digital Crime Unit combat cybercrime when they don’t even speak the language of the perpetrators?  

On today’s episode of Security Unlocked, hosts Nic Fillingham and Natalia Godyla sit down with Peter Anaman, Principal Investigator on the Digital Crimes Unit, to discuss how Peter looks at digital crimes in a very interconnected world and how language and culture play into the crimes being committed, who’s behind them, and how to stop them.  

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Some of the tools the Digital Crime Unit at Microsoft uses to catch criminals.  
  • How language and cultural factors into cyber crime 
  • Why cyber crime has been on the rise since Covid began 

Some Questions We Ask:

  • How has understanding a specific culture helped crack a case? 
  • How does a lawyer who served as an officer in the French Army wind up working at Microsoft? 
  • Are there best practices for content creators to stay safe from cyber crime? 


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