Security Unlocked 11.24.21
Ep 52 | 11.24.21

Trusting Your Hybrid Workforce

Show Notes

We are back, covering more of the 2021 Microsoft Digital Defense Report, and this time we’re taking a deep dive into chapter five on Hybrid Workforce Security and Zero Trust. Zero Trust means precisely what it sounds like, never assuming any device or identity is secure; it's like having major trust issues, but in a professional way. With most businesses moving to remote work because of the pandemic, cybercriminals, of course, found new ways to take advantage, especially since most people are now moving between business and personal activity online. For the first time, we’re going to cover a full 12-month recap of what securing the hybrid workforce has been like. 

In this episode of Security Unlocked, hosts Natalia Godyla and Nic Fillingham are joined by Carmichael Patton, Lead Architect for Microsoft's Internal Zero Trust Deployment. Carmichael joins the show to discuss security challenges and trends impacting the hybrid workforce, the three most significant insider risk vulnerabilities, and why some customers are still not using MFA. 

In This Episode You Will Learn:    

  • Security challenges and trends impacting the hybrid workforce 
  • How Microsoft approached their Zero Trust journey  
  • Prioritizing security initiatives during a time of massive change  

Some Questions We Ask:    

  • What were some of the major hybrid workforce attacks?  
  • Why are some customers still not using MFA? 
  • When and how should you deal with insider risk? 


Zero Trust Adoption Report 

The 2021 Microsoft Digital Defense Report  

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