Security Unlocked 12.8.21
Ep 53 | 12.8.21


Show Notes

In December 2020, Microsoft began sharing information with the cybersecurity industry on a group of Russia-based hackers who gained access to multiple enterprises through vulnerable software code, stolen passwords, compromised on-premises servers, and minted SAML tokens. In this supply chain attack, hackers could access the SolarWinds code, slip malicious code into a piece of the software, and use the vendor’s legitimate software updates to spread malware to customer systems.   

Security Unlocked is excited to share with you, Decoding NOBELIUM. The docuseries gives you an inside look into the NOBELIUM incident, now viewed as one of the most advanced nation-state and supply chain attacks in history, with stories from the frontline defenders who tracked and responded to the attackers. 


Decoding NOBELIUM: Video Series

Defending Against Nation-State Attacks | Microsoft Security

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