N2K Cyber and Microsoft expand collaboration with the launch of The Microsoft Threat Intelligence Podcast.
N2K logoOct 25, 2023

N2K Cyber and Microsoft expand collaboration with the launch of The Microsoft Threat Intelligence Podcast.

FULTON, Md., October 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- N2K Cyber, previously The CyberWire Network, today announced the launch of The Microsoft Threat Intelligence Podcast, the latest series from the Microsoft Security team to join the leading cybersecurity media network. The show joins other well-known Microsoft Security podcasts on the N2K Cyber networks, including Afternoon Tea with Ann Johnson and Uncovering Hidden Risks

Hosted by Sherrod DeGrippo, Director of Threat Intelligence Strategy at Microsoft, The Microsoft Threat Intelligence Podcast will feature stories and insights from the Microsoft community as they navigate the ever-evolving threat landscape. Each episode will highlight tales of innovation, teamwork, crime, and espionage, to create an enthralling and insightful podcast that transports listeners to the frontlines of cyber defense. 

“Microsoft has extraordinary visibility across the entire threat landscape and has played a key role in shaping the cybersecurity industry for decades,” said Peter Kilpe, Chief Executive Officer of N2K Networks. ”We're extremely excited to bring The Microsoft Threat Intelligence Podcast to our network. Their insights and lessons learned will be invaluable to professionals around the globe looking to build more resilient organizations and stay a step ahead of emerging threats.” 

“Our goal with The Microsoft Threat Intelligence Podcast is to provide listeners with a deep perspective on the security happenings of the day. It’s not just an update on the evolving threat landscape, but a look inside the Microsoft Threat Intelligence community for insights into how threat intel gets made,” DeGrippo said. “Meeting the people on the front lines and hearing their unique perspectives are my favorite parts. We share lessons learned, trends, and strategies to help listeners build more resilient organizations.”

New episodes air every two weeks on Wednesdays. To hear the latest episode of The Microsoft Threat Intelligence Podcast, listen and subscribe wherever you get your favorite shows or visit the N2K Cyber website for more information.

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