CSO Perspectives (public) 3.28.22
Ep 37 | 3.28.22

Amazon AWS and cybersecurity first principles.

Show Notes

Amazon AWS adoption with cybersecurity first principle strategies.

In this second session reviewing cloud platforms through the lens of first principle thinking, Rick Howard reviews Amazon Web Services (AWS). He discusses how AWS supports, or doesn’t support, strategies of resilience, zero trust, intrusion kill chains, and risk assessments.

Cybersecurity professional development and continued education.

You will learn about: AWS networking and API techniques, DevSecOps in a cloud environment, AWS services and security tools, AWS strategies that support cybersecurity first principles.

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Additional first principles resources for your cybersecurity program.

For more Amazon AWS and cybersecurity first principles resources, check the topic essay.

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  1. S1E6: 11 MAY: Cybersecurity First Principles
  2. S1E7: 18 MAY: Cybersecurity first principles: zero trust
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  4. S1E9: 01 JUN: Cybersecurity first principles - resilience
  5. S1E11: 15 JUN: Cybersecurity first principles - risk
  6. S2E7: 31 AUG: Identity Management: a first principle idea.
  7. S2E8: 07 SEP: Identity Management: around the Hash Table.
  8. S4E3: 25 JAN: Microsoft Azure through a first principle lens
  9. S4E4: 01 FEB: Microsoft Azure security (Hashtable Interviews)
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