The CyberWire Daily Podcast 1.31.24
Ep 1994 | 1.31.24

VPN compromise causes concerns.

Show Notes

Global Affairs Canada investigates a major data breach. New York sues Citibank over inadequate online security. Alpha ransomware launches a dedicated leak site on the dark web. A leaked database with 50 million records may or may not be real. CISA and the FBI provide guidance for SOHO routers.Patch ‘em if ya got ‘em. Krustyloader exploits Ivanti weaknesses. Unit 42 tracks a large-scale scareware campaign. Alex Stamos calls Microsoft’s security strategies “morally indefensible.” Our guests are Gianna Whitver and Maria Velasquez from the Cybersecurity Marketing Society to talk about their new podcast "Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing." And do you have what it takes to protect his majesty’s royal laptop?

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CyberWire Guest

Guests Gianna Whitver and Maria Velasquez from the Cybersecurity Marketing Society join Dave to share about their podcast "Breaking Through in Cybersecurity Marketing" that is joining the N2K network. You can listen to their newest episode on our network. 

Selected Reading

Global Affairs investigating 'malicious' hack after VPN compromised for over one month (National Post) 

Lawsuit: Citibank refused to reimburse scam victims who lost “life savings”  (Ars Technica)

Unveiling Alpha Ransomware: A Deep Dive into Its Operations (Netenrich)

Nearly 50 million Europcar customer records put up for sale on the dark web – or were they? (ITPro)

Apple and Google Just Patched Their First Zero-Day Flaws of the Year (WIRED)

Threat actors exploit Ivanti VPN bugs to deploy KrustyLoader Malware (Security Affairs)

ApateWeb: An Evasive Large-Scale Scareware and PUP Delivery Campaign (Palo Alto Networks)

Microsoft's Dangerous Addiction To Security Revenue (LinkedIn)

Be the Royal Family’s Cybersecurity Manager, and get a cut-price honey dipper! (Graham Cluley) 

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