Uncovering Hidden Risks 8.30.23
Ep 11 | 8.30.23

Cybersecurity 101: What Are the Three Pillars of a Robust Strategy

Show Notes

Cybersecurity is not just a defensive strategy; it can be a powerful driver of an organization's success. In this episode, host Erica Toelle talks to Nashid Shaker, AVP, Information and Cyber Security Strategy at Canadian Western Bank Financial Group, and Antonio Maio, Managing Director at Protiviti, about how to tactically create a cybersecurity strategy that aligns with business goals, fosters trust, and enables innovation. Nash is an experienced and innovative cybersecurity leader passionate about orchestrating secure digital transformations that fuel growth—leveraging a multidisciplinary background in strategic planning and cybersecurity. 


In This Episode You Will Learn:      

  • When it’s time to re-evaluate your cybersecurity strategy. 
  • What cybersecurity leaders should think about today to prepare for a future that will use AI. 
  • Predictions for cybersecurity in the next 2-4 years. 

Some Questions We Ask:     

  • What is the top risk that organizations tend to overlook? 
  • What are some tips for how cybersecurity leaders should engage with the c-suite?  
  • Can cybersecurity contribute to an organization's bottom line or mission? 



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