Uncovering Hidden Risks 9.27.23
Ep 12 | 9.27.23

Cloud Security Posture Management: Top Risks and Best Practice Solutions

Show Notes

Drew Nicholas, Microsoft Principal Security Global Black Belt, joins Erica Toelle and guest host Daniela Villarreal, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft Defender for Cloud, on this week's episode of Uncovering Hidden Risks. Drew has spent eight-plus years at Microsoft in different roles. These roles include working for Microsoft's consulting services, Microsoft's customer-facing Incident Response team, and his current position. Drew, Erica, and Daniela provide insight into hidden risks in cloud-native apps to help customers gain visibility and control of their cloud security posture to take a risk-based approach to proactive cloud security.  

In This Episode You Will Learn:      

  • How cloud security posture fits into the big picture of security 
  • Qualities organizations should look for in a cloud security posture management tool 
  • How different platforms can help strengthen cloud security posture 

Some Questions We Ask:     

  • Regarding cloud-native application development, what security trends have you seen?  
  • Why is cloud security posture so important? 
  • What risks can a unified security posture management approach help address? 


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