Uncovering Hidden Risks 10.26.22
Ep 4 | 10.26.22

How Compliance, Data Protection, and Privacy Come Together

Show Notes

Alym Rayani, General Manager for Compliance and Privacy Marketing at Microsoft, joins host Erica Toelle and guest host Hammad Rajjoub on this week's episode of Uncovering Hidden Risks. Alym works closely with engineering leadership to drive product strategy and roadmap while overseeing the product value proposition, marketing efforts, and customer experience. Due to these changes in regulations and increased cybersecurity risk, these areas are converging. Erica, Hammad, and Alym are taking a closer look at a top industry trend: convergence of compliance, data protection, and privacy requirements, and discussing what this means for Chief Information Security Officers.  

In This Episode You Will Learn:     

  • What areas create quick wins for organizations that create momentum for larger initiatives
  • What the answer is for CISOs to stay in compliance with regulations
  • Risks CISOs will face focusing on data protection without considering compliance and privacy

Some Questions We Ask:    

  • What challenges are CISOs, privacy officers, and CCOs seeing from this convergence?
  • How are data protection and privacy changing the way CISOs approach new problems?  
  • What should CISOs look for in a data protection technology solution?



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