Uncovering Hidden Risks 2.22.23
Ep 6 | 2.22.23

Three Steps to Build a Comprehensive Data Security Strategy

Show Notes

Raman Kalyan, Director of Product Marketing, Microsoft and former podcast host, joins Erica Toelle and guest host Liz Willets on this week's episode of Uncovering Hidden Risks. Raman's team leads product marketing initiatives to increase broad enterprise adoption and awareness of Microsoft 365 Risk Management and Investigation solution categories while partnering closely with leaders across engineering, planning, and strategy teams to determine and recommend critical product/service investments. Raman discusses why a comprehensive data security approach is an essential consideration for companies, how to implement an effective data security strategy, and what he sees as the future of the data security space.  

In This Episode You Will Learn:      

  • What it means to have a comprehensive data security approach 
  • How you can leverage insights from risky insider activities 
  • Why comprehensive data security should matter

Some Questions We Ask:     

  • What does an end-to-end data protection strategy look like? 
  • How do you balance data security without hindering employee productivity?  
  • When should teams get started on their data security strategy? 


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