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Ben Clark & Matt Hulse - How President Trump’s 400 lb Hacker Bypasses Security Products

Organizations are increasingly layering security products and tools in the hopes of preventing attacks. Unfortunately, most of these products are playing simple numbers games, hoping to catch most, but failing to catch all, malware. The talk focuses on operational techniques used to circumvent detection. It will emphasize the understanding of security product weaknesses, and the tools and tricks available to take advantage of them.

Ben Clark is the Director of Cybersecurity at Millennium Corporation, where he leads the company's Red Team mission, internal R&D, and strategic vision and growth for Millennium's cyber portfolio. Prior to joining the Millennium Team in 2008, Ben served 6 years as a Department of Defense civilian supporting the National Intelligence Community. Since joining Millennium, he has been instrumental in the execution of several hundred Red Team missions in support of Millennium's customers. He is also the author of the best selling book, The Red Team Field Manual (RTFM) and co-author of the Blue Team Field Manual (BTFM).

Matt has been an operator on Millennium’s Red Team since 2013. During this time, he has conducted numerous red team missions and contributed to the development of new tactics and techniques. Prior to working at Millennium, he was a penetration tester for Verizon Enterprise Solutions, and a technical lead for the Air Force Red Team.

Presented at the Jailbreak Security Summit, April 28, 2017, Laurel, Maryland, USA.
(Source: Jailbreak Brewing Company)