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The CyberWire podcasts are our look at what's happening in cyberspace. It provides clear and concise summaries of the news and offers commentary from industry experts as well as our partners.

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Understanding Social Engineering and Maintaining Healthy Paranoia

Rosa Smothers, senior vice president of cyber operations at KnowBe4, joins our show to share her career experience, which includes over a decade in the CIA.

Recent Podcasts
Episode 951

Cozy Bear isn’t back--Cozy Bear never really left at all. Iran says the Americans are dreaming: there was no cyberattack in retaliation for Iran’s implausibly...

Episode 950

The US may have retaliated in cyberspace for Iran’s strikes against Saudi oil fields. China’s new C919 airliner seems to have benefited greatly from industrial...

Episode 949

Ransomware hits companies in France and the US. A Finnish energy company sustains a suspicious IT incident. Turkey jams social media as it rolls tanks...

Decrypting ransomware for good.

Michael Gillespie is a programmer at Emsisoft, as well as a host of the popular ID Ransomware web site that helps victims identify what strain of ransomware...

Episode 947

BitPaymer ransomware is exploiting an Apple zero-day. “Attor” isn’t your ordinary malign faerie: it’s also an espionage platform that’s been carefully...

Episode 946

A US Defense Intelligence Agency analyst has been charged with leaking national defense information. Europol releases its 2019 Internet Organized Crime...

Don't trust the ransomware to tell you its real name.

Joe describes online redirect scams, URL encoding and the clever combination of the two. Dave shares delightful satire about Russian brides and Nigerian...

Episode 945

Twitter says it’s sorry is anything might have inadvertently happened with users’ email addresses and phone numbers, and that it’s taking steps to stop...

Episode 944

An update on Mustang Panda, and its pursuit of the goals outlined in the Thirteenth Five Year Plan. Unpatched Drupal instances are being hit as targets...

Episode 943

Iranian threat group Phosphorus (or Charming Kitten) has been found active against US elections and other targets. A big database of PII on Brazilians...

The fuzzy boundaries of APT41.

Researchers at FireEye recently released a report detailing the activities of APT41, a Chinese cyber threat group notable for the range of tools they use,...

Episode 942

Project Zero warns that a use-after-free vulnerability in widely used Android devices is being exploited in the wild. Uzbekistan’s National Security Service...