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The CyberWire podcasts are our look at what's happening in cyberspace. It provides clear and concise summaries of the news and offers commentary from industry experts as well as our partners.

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663 — CyberWire Daily

In today's podcast we hear some Patch Tuesday notes—both Microsoft and Adobe were busy yesterday. Foreshadow, a new speculative execution vulnerability,...

662 — CyberWire Daily

In today's podcast, we hear about the cryptowars down under. Major DDoS incident in Finland. Bears in the home routers, and concerns about IoT and power...

A CISO’s Journey From the City to the Private Sector

Webroot's Gary Hayslip shares his thoughts on team building, recruiting talent in a competitive market, and the importance of threat intelligence.

661 — CyberWire Daily

In today's podcast, we hear about spyware in the guise of a missile attack warning app. New Dharma variant out. Android.Clipper redirects transactions...

660 — CyberWire Daily

In today's podcast we hear that US-CERT is warning of a North Korean RAT. Researchers find vulnerable WPA2 handshake implementations. A sales call results...

Focus, technology, and training fight phishing — Hacking Humans.

Dave describes a phishing attempt to infiltrate U.S. election systems. Joe shares a story of government agencies receiving malicious CDs in the mail. University...

659 — CyberWire Daily

In today's podcast we hear that Tehran seems ready to follow Pyongyang into state-sponsored theft to redress financial shortfalls: cryptocurrency ransomware...

658 — CyberWire Daily

In today's podcast we hare that Oracle has warned of BGP exploits against payment processors. Check Point says it's found vulnerabilities in WhatsApp that...

657 — CyberWire Daily

In today's podcast we hear that chipmaker TSMC says the virus that shut it down in Taiwan was WannaCry. It appears to have been an incidental infection...

656 — CyberWire Daily

Leaky API may have exposed Salesforce customers' data, TSMC reports a virus in its semiconductor plants. TCM Bank discloses a paycard application leak.

Protecting Missiles From Malware

Michael Daly, chief technology officer for cybersecurity at Raytheon, shares his experiences spinning up a cybersecurity team for the global defense giant.

Cortana voice assistant lets you in. — Research Saturday

Researchers at McAfee recently discovered code execution vulnerabilities in the default settings of the Cortana voice-activated digital assistant in Windows...