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The CyberWire podcasts are our look at what's happening in cyberspace. It provides clear and concise summaries of the news and offers commentary from industry experts as well as our partners.

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Coming to a City or Town Near You: Ransomware

Allan Liska shares the results of recent ransomware research from his team at Recorded Future, along with advice for keeping your organization safe.

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Episode 929

More notes on the RCMP espionage scandal. The CSE’s preliminary assessment sounds serious indeed, and Canadian intelligence services are trying to identify...

Episode 928

Spy versus spy, in America, Canada, and Australia, with special guest stars from the Russian and Chinese services. The US Treasury Department issues more...

Episode 927

The Ukrainian electrical grid hack seems, on further review, to have been designed to do far more damage than it actually accomplished. InnfiRAT is scouting...

Episode 926

DC StingRays alleged to be Israeli devices. North Korea is slipping malware past defenses by putting it into old, obscure file formats. Ryuk ransomware...

Episode 925

Cobalt Dickens is back, and phishing in universities’ ponds. UNICEF scores a security own-goal. Patch Tuesday notes. A look at US election security offers...

Episode 924

John Bolton is out as US National Security Advisor. A new backdoor is attributed to Stealth Falcon. Wikipedia’s DDoS attack remains under investigation.

Episode 923

A big BEC extracts more than $37 million from a major automotive parts supplier. Wikipedia suffers a DDoS attack in Europe and the Middle East. NERC and...

The Intersection of Political Science, Risk Management, and Cybersecurity

Matt Devost, CEO and co-founder of OODA LLC, shares his insights on managing cyber risk in a complex world, as well as his thoughts on threat intelligence.

VOIP phone system harbors decade-old vulnerability.

Researchers at McAfee's Advanced Threat Research Team recently published the results of their investigation into a popular VOIP system, where they discovered...

Episode 922

Chinese intelligence and security services have been busy in cyberspace. A third-party customer leaks data it received from Monster.com. There’s a Joker...

Think before you post.

Follow-up from down under. Joe shares the story of a Mom scammed out of Gaelic Football League tickets. Dave describes a bounty hunter hoaxing suicide...

Episode 921

A database scraped from Facebook in the bad old days before last year’s reforms holds informaiton about 419 million users. The ransomware threat to election...